Dream State

Dream State, 2022

media: silver gelatin prints

As a child, I never could remember my dreams. I’d wake up with only a lingering feeling of awe or foreboding as fragmented reveries faded with the rising sun. In bed with my eyes squeezed tight, I’d try to summon back my dreams so they could explain away my confusion even as the last gossamers of it blew away like spiders on the wind.

Now after 2 years of COVID, I find myself with that same feeling, existing in an in-between state of bad dream and reality as the world attempts to navigate its way back to normal. 

Shot on black and white film during pre- and post-pandemic travels, this collection of pictures references that feeling of awakening and searching for something just out of reach.  Here, we find ourselves among snippets of a dream, where time and place is uncertain and only a residual sense of wonder, tension, and loss remains.

This portfolio was accepted into Pacific New Media’s Contemporary Photography in Hawaii 2022 juried exhibition. Click links below to visit the website to view winners of their individual and portfolio contest:

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