“2nd P.O.V.” – diptychs of abroad on view at Kaimuki Library


Aloha All!

This past summer, my good friend Ashley Katamoto and I traveled around Europe for 3 weeks, eating all the food/getting food poisoning, riding horses/trains/cars/busses, and shooting dozens of rolls of film.  When we came back home to Hawaiʻi, we found ourselves with all these amazing images from our trip and we knew we had to do something with them.  We ended up selecting 17 images each to create diptychs related by time and location – each image in a diptych was taken in the same place and day as the other (some possibly taken with a few minutes/feet from the other).

The first half of these diptychs (“P.O.V.” featured images from the UK) were up at Kaimuki Library from August – October 2016, while the second half (“2nd P.O.V.” features Spain, Portugal, and the south of France) are currently on display at the same location until December 9, 2016.

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