Orvis Artists-In-Residence

ImageEarlier this year, my good friend/fellow artist photographer Brandon Ng and I were selected as Orvis Artists-In-Residence to collaborate on a large scale installation piece at the Spalding House location of the Honolulu Museum of Art.  Starting this weekend, we’ll be working to create a portrait of The Spalding House as a site-specific installation piece. Through the use of historic photographic techniques we will produce a “blueprint” that will redefine how weinterpret a portrait. Going beyond the physicality of the location, the portrait will encompass the environment as a whole; a gathering place, a landscape and web of human relationships. In the spirit of collaboration, we are encouraging visitors to participate by providing found objects from the museum ground to help create a full portrait of The Spalding House.

Please stop by the museum to check out the progress of our piece.  Or even better, please help us out in creating our piece!  We’ll be there Saturdays (10am – 4pm) and Sundays (12pm – 4pm) till May 19.

I’ll be posting more about our residency, but be sure to follow our instagram page @orvis_blueprint or http://instagram.com/orvis_blueprint for a behind the scenes look at the making of our piece.

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